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COVID-19 Information

Hello Personal MD members and patients,

We know some of you are very concerned about this outbreak while others are wondering why this virus has caused so much panic. Regardless of which side of this issue you fall, everyone has had their normal routine upended.  As your medical provider, we are making changes to try and keep you and our staff as safe as possible. I created this page to help answer many of your questions as well as keep you updated as more information about the virus becomes available.

COVID-19 Q&A Page 1

Questions that were answered:

What is Coronavirus?

Is COVID-19 like the flu?

Who is considered to be high risk?

What is Personal MD doing different?

Does Personal MD have test kits?

What to do if you feel sick?

Why don’t we just test everyone that is sick?

Who needs a test?

What to do if you have symtpoms?

What to do if you have a fever?

What to do if you can’t breathe?

Testing a person that feels sick?

Avoiding the Emergency Room?

COVID-19 Q&A Page 2

Questions that wee answered:

Can the medications Hyrdroxyquinone and Zithromax shorten the course of COVID-19?

Does hot weather shorten the course of    COVID-19?

Can I take motrin for a fever?

Should I stop my blood pressure medication?

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