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Hormone Therapy

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Both men and women can have hypogonadism, also  know as low testosterone or “Low T”.  In fact, about 40% of men and women over the age of 40 have been found to have low testosterone levels.  As you get older, it is normal for your hormone levels to gradually taper off. However, hypogonadism is when your low levels cause you to have signs and symptoms.

Besides aging, other common problems that can increase your chance of having low testosterone include the following:


Hormones are what make you feel young and energetic.  They control your mood and alertness.  Most importantly, they help your body heal and repair from the daily damage our bodies experience.

When (not if) your hormones start to decline, it is common to begin to feel older.  Since our hormones drop gradually, the symptoms of aging can also come on gradually.  Many times we accept these changes as normal.  We say we feel bad because we work hard, don’t eat well, don’t exercise enough, and are stressed.

However, in many cases, you may feel this way because your hormones are not balanced.  A simple blood test can tell  you if your hormones could be playing a role in the way you feel.  A detailed history, exam, and lab evaluation with an experienced provider can help determine your hormone levels and evaluate possible causes and treatments to help you feel better.

What people commonly say about using hormone therapy