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Urgent Care

Personal MD provides same or next-day evaluation for urgent medical problems including minor injuries and treatment of problems appropriate to primary care (e.g. colds, illness, minor accidents, conditions that don't require emergency rooms, hospital or specialist care).

Preventive Care

Personal MD provides thorough, periodic physical exams and age-specific health screenings for men and women and infants through seniors.  Your provider will evaluate your current state-of-health and recommend improvements for your future health and well being.  Your basic exam will include vital signs, vision screen, hearing screen, urine screen, family history review, review of systems, thorough head-to-toe examination and a laboratory evaluation.  

Wellness Care

Your Personal MD provider offers both primary and wellness care. Your visits may include extended consultations and personalized coaching to create positive lifestyle changes such as smoking cessation, weight loss, hormone replacement therapy, and stress management.

Chronic Disease Management

Personal MD incorporates national guidelines to provide our patients with up-to-date primary care for hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia, heart disease, asthma, arthritis, osteoporosis and many other chronic conditions. Your Personal MD provider may provide education, training, and/or medication to manage your chronic condition. If your chronic condition changes and you need more specialized care than your Personal MD provider can provide, we will refer you to an appropriate specialist health care provider and assist you in making decisions relating to their care.

In-office Procedures (√)

Personal MD offers selected diagnostic and urgent care procedures in our office including but not limited to the following: blood draws, EKGs, casts, stitches, joint injections, skin biopsies, wart removal, wound care, PAP smears  and cryotherapy. There is minimal to no additional fee for performing these procedures. However, there can be a charge for the materials used to perform certain procedures.  If an additional fee is required for materials or laboratory analysis, it is charged at or near cost.  All extra charges will be discussed with you prior to being performed.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (√)

Both men and women can have hormone changes that affect their energy, motivation, sex drive, physical strength, bone strength, and mood.  Personal MD physicians are trained to help you evaluate your symptoms, perform detailed examinations, review your blood levels, and customize a treatment plan for you.  We provide many options for hormone replacement including bio-identical pellet therapy, injections, creams, and pills. Learn More Here >>

Weight Loss Therapy

Our approach to weight loss is focused on introducing lifestyle changes, improving a better understanding of food and how our body uses food, appropriate exercise recommendations, and screening for medical conditions such as insulin resistance, hormones deficiencies, and thyroid disease.  We also use FDA approved medical weight loss medications when needed. Learn More>>

Specialist Care Coordination

If more specialized care is needed, we are available to assist in referrals to outside health care providers. This includes briefing the specialist about your medical condition and following up with the provider after your consultation. If you have insurance, we will strive to provide referrals to providers covered by your policy. If you are paying out-of-pocket for your medical care, we will try to provide referrals to health care providers who have a policy of offering discounts to cash-paying patients.

Hospital Care Coordination

If hospital care is required, Personal MD patients will receive remote coordination and supervision of their care via a hospitalist. A hospitalist is a primary care physician who assumes the bedside care of a hospital patient in the place of the patient's primary care provider. When you have completed your hospital stay, your Personal MD provider will coordinate with the hospitalist to provide appropriate medical care follow-up. Personal MD does not cover the cost of the hospitalist or any other hospital care.

After-Hours Coverage

After-hours phone coverage is shared by all Personal MD providers. While each provider has remote access to your medical record and is fully capable of taking care of your after-hours medical needs, there is a chance that when you call, you may not speak with your own provider.

X-ray Imaging (√)

Personal MD uses certified radiology facilities near our office to provide x-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, MRIs, mammograms, and bone density test.  Radiology services are provided by an outside consulting radiology group for professional interpretation to ensure your results are accurate and complete. For patients with any form of insurance, the radiology group will bill the fee directly to those programs if desired.

Laboratory Testing (√)

If laboratory tests are needed, Personal MD performs, at no additional charge, blood draws and sample collection in our clinic that will be sent out and processed at our partner laboratory. Such tests are provided near our at cost, or can be billed by our lab partner directly to your insurance.

Prescription Pharmaceuticals (√)

Personal MD providers may write you one or more prescriptions.  Prescriptions may be filled at your local pharmacy.  Personal MD providers will help you search for affordable options and locations to fill your prescriptions.

Medications & Vaccines (√)

Personal MD providers may administer selected medications and vaccines in our office. While some of these items are provided at no additional charge, some are charged to you at our cost.   Immunization for children between 2 months and 18 years of age can be administered to all patients who qualify for the State of Texas immunization program.

The following services can be obtained at a discount from the Personal MD network (√):

▪   Individual Counseling  ▪  Marital Counseling  ▪   Family counseling  ▪    Chiropractic care

▪   Acupuncture   ▪   X-Ray     ▪   CT Scan     ▪    MRI ▪   Ultrasounds   ▪  Mammograms

▪   Colonoscopy    ▪   Dental care ▪   Life Coaching     ▪  Vision Care   ▪   Stress Test   ▪   Calcium Scores

The following services are not provided by Personal MD:

Hospice care,  hospital care,  cosmetic surgery,   naturopathy,  emergency room care, rehabilitation,  hearing care, sterilization, endoscopy, home health care,  massage therapy, drug and alcohol dependency treatment,  prenatal care, maternity services, and outpatient surgery beyond the routine procedures provided by Personal MD.

List of Services