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Weight Loss

Achieving a healthy weight can be the first and most important step to becoming healthier.  At Personal MD, we combine a metabolic evaluation with education, accountability, and medication to help our patients reach their goals.



This step is critical to helping you reach your goals.  From hormones to thyroid disorders, there are many metabolic barriers that can keep you from losing weight.  Our board-certified providers help figure out and correct any metabolic issues so you can maximize your weight loss efforts.


Education is the most important element we provide our patients.  Understanding food, how the body uses food, and which dietary approach works best for you is what we do best.  By helping our patients understand food, we ensure long term success and decrease your chance of regaining weight.


We meet with our patients on a regular basis to ensure maximum results.  We use follow up visits to reinforce or adjust our treatment plan to help you reach your goals.


Patients who add medication management to help achieve a weight goal are 20% more successful than those who don’t. Medication can help improve metabolism, suppress hunger, and decrease cravings.   We use FDA approved products that can only be prescribed by a doctor. We work with our patients to determine if and which medication(s) will work best to help you.

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