COIVD-19 Testing Info and Registration

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Rapid COVID-19 Test
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Same day results
93% accurate
You don't have to leave your car
Identifies active infection
Note: This is not a PCR test. Read the difference below.
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Do I need a test?

I am having symptoms

If you are having symptoms consistent with COVID-19, you should self isolate until you can be tested.  Currently, our patients with symptoms have the highest positivity rate.

I have been directly exposed

If you have been in direct contact with a person known to have COVID-19, the chance of you becoming positive is roughly 20% (per our individual surveys).  The best time to be tested is the fifth thru seventh day after exposure.  You should also get tested if you start to experience symptoms.

I was around someone that was around someone that was positive:

This is one of the more common questions we are asked.  Our surveys show this to be a low-risk situation and we do not routinely recommend getting tested unless you start to have symptoms or someone you were in direct contact with test positive.  You should continue to take general social distancing precautions and wear a mask when in public.

I am going to visit a relative or a person who is at high risk

Since there are a fair number of people who carry the virus without symptoms, we do recommend getting a test done if you are entering a new situation where you will be around people considered to be at high risk.  In this case, it is better to be safe than sorry.

I need to be cleared (travel, school, employer, etc)

Our FIA rapid test can be used to clear you to travel, go back to school, or to go back to work.  If you are specifically required to have a PCR test, you should contact your primary care provider at least two weeks prior to the date you need to be cleared.


Will my insurance cover the rapid COVID test?

We do not file with any insurance company.

Will my insurance cover the rapid COVID test?

We do not file with any insurance company.

How long does it take to get results?

We use a rapid COVID-19 processor.  It takes less than 20 minutes for the machine to run your test; however, due to the number of tests we are running, it can take up to a few hours to get your results.

What if I need a second test?

We understand there are situations where a second test is required.  We charge $100 for repeat test to be performed if done within 14-days of your first test.  Contact our office to schedule a repeat test.

Do you provide any treatment for a positive test?

We only provide prescription treatments for our current members.  However, we publish our protocols on our website to act as a guide.  Many of the products we recommend are over the counter and can be found at most local pharmacies.  We recommend you contact your primary care physician if you are positive for COVID-19 as soon as possible.

Read our protocols here.

How are my results documented?

We will provide you with an official report showing your COVID-19 results.  Most employers and travel agencies are accepting this report as proof of your current status.  You should double-check that our Rapid COVID-19 testing system is an approved option for your specific situation.

What is the difference between FIA and PCR testing?

FIA and PCR tests are not the same.  Read our information page to understand the differences.