Original date: April 11, 2020


Does my dog have COVID-19?

After the recent news that a Tiger in the New York Zoo tested positive for the 2019 version of coronavirus, many people are wondering if they need to be worried about their dog, cat, bird, or other household pet. The short answer is NO … and YES.

Let me explain. I don’t worry about my pets carrying the coronavirus in their saliva or mucous-like humans. But I do feel that if my pets come in contact with other humans (people petting my dog when out for a walk) that the coronavirus can live their fur. As a result, I am careful not to let people pet my dogs when out for a walk, and I also wipe each one down with a towel when I get back home. Please note, I do not recommend you spray disinfectants on your pets. Simply wipe down their fur when you get back home.

Take home message: Your pet is at low risk of carrying the coronavirus.

We are testing for COVID-19 at Personal MD.

We are testing for the COVID-19 virus in our office. Labcorp is doing a great job of turning the test around in 48 hours. The test we have is not determining if you have antibody protection to the coronavirus. It is a test to check if you currently have the virus. What this means is the test is only helpful if you have active symptoms of COVID-19.

Take home message: If you are sick, we can test you for the coronavirus.

What do I see on the coronavirus horizon?

A great analogy┬áI recently heard describes each city as a car driving toward a cliff. The sooner and harder the city hits the breaks, the less chance it has of going over the cliff. I feel Collin County, and McKinney, in particular, has done a great job of “hitting the breaks” early. As a result, I think Collin County will peak in late April or early May. Reaching our peak doesn’t mean the virus will disappear, but I do believe we will start to see stores and restaurants open before summer. It may be somewhat unorthodox with a limited number of clients in a restaurant, tables 10 feet apart, one-way shopping aisles, etc. but I am starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel, so keep up the excellent work of following the guidelines.

Take home message: I am optimistic we are approaching the peak of COVID-19 in Collin County.

If you have specific questions, please feel free to send me an email or call my office.

Happy Easter,