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As a result of aging and childbirth, a woman’s vaginal opening may begin to widen and sag. The loss of collagen and breakdown of the vaginal tissue can lead to leakage of urine, pain with intercourse, vaginal dryness, lack of tightness with intercourse, and enlarged external genitalia. Many women accept these changes as part of life and avoid asking their doctor for help.

Today, there are many options to improve vaginal health besides old-fashioned Kegel exercises. The most revolutionary technique is bipolar radiofrequency (RF). RF can be applied directly to the vaginal tissue using a small thin probe, gently warming the skin to a level that triggers collagen to grow. The regrowth of collagen rejuvenates the vaginal tissue improving the appearance, structure, and function of the external and internal vaginal tissue. Women no longer have to be ashamed of these symptoms or assume nothing can be done.

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  • Leakage of urine with laughing, coughing, sneezing or jumping
  • Vaginal atrophy
  • Enlarged external genitalia
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Pain with intercourse
  • Lack of Vaginal tightness with intercourse
  • Recurring UTI’s
  • Reduced urinary stress incontinence associated with childbirth and aging
  • Improvement in sexual function
  • Vaginal tightening
  • Reduced vaginal dryness
  • Reduced irritation during intercourse
  • Reduced feeling of fullness and pressure in the pelvis
  • Non-surgical solutions to painful intercourse
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    • Vaginal tightening
    • Reduced urinary stress incontinence associated with childbirth
    • Improvement in sexual function and sensitivity
    • Reduced vaginal dryness and irritation during intercourse
    • Reduced discomfort from laxity of labia and vaginal walls
    • Non-surgical solution to painful intercourse
    • Improved appearance of the labia (outer vaginal folds)

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How Votiva Forma V Works

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FAQs about Votiva Forma V

Radiofrequency is a form of radio wave energy.  When controlled, the flow of these radio waves causes skin and tissue to become warm.

Studies have shown that warming the tissue to precise temperatures  stimulates the body to produce collagen naturally.  More collagen gives the tissue a firmer quality and heathier appearance.

We use a specialized probe powered by Votiva.  The high-tech probe takes 1,000 readings per second and precisely adjusts the amount of energy needed to keep the tissue at a desired temperature.

Our patients meet with Jill Arnold, PA to get a detailed history, review goals and expectations, as well as perform a vaginal exam.  Once the exam is complete, Jill will review your options and determine if you are a good candidate for Votiva.  You will need an up-to-date pap smear and general exam to ensure there are no health issues keeping you from having the procedure.

Votiva is fast and easy.  Each treatment session will take about 30 minutes.  Most patients say the experience feels like a hot stone massage and is pain-free.

Most patients need a minimum of three treatments spaced 2-4 weeks apart.  The collagen growth will continue to occur months after the final procedure is completed.  The body continues to age, so most women will need a repeat procedure done annually.

92% of patients report a dramatic improvement in appearance, function, and pleasure of the vaginal tissue after three treatments.  On occasion, additional treatments are needed to reach desired results.  

Votiva is a painless procedure with no downtime.  Women can return to their daily activities immediately after their treatment.  The only suggestion is to refrain from sexual intercourse for 24 hours after a treatment to allow the tissue to heal.

Individual treatments are $975.  However, we highly recommend purchasing a package of three treatments to achieve maximum results.  We offer a 10% discount package ($875/treatment) when you buy at least three treatments.

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