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We understand that healthcare is complicated.  We also understand that many people have not heard of DPC despite being an established way to practice primary care since 1999.  We have created this section to try answer the most common questions we get.  If your question is not answered below, feel free to call our office, text our office line, or send us an email.

Personal MD is a direct primary care medical office specializing in providing quality health care at an affordable price. Our board-certified medical team can deliver primary, preventative, and urgent care services regardless of age, sex, or insurance status.

 Direct Primary Care (DPC) provides primary care medical services directly to consumers and companies via affordable subscription. This new approach to health care minimizes the role of traditional insurance and enhances the relationship between the patient and the provider. It also decreases the cost and the paperwork of conventional medicine and increases the care and quality you deserve.

Many of our clients are interested in our weight loss program, aesthetic treatments, or hormone therapy.  We call these Specialty Services and are happy to see you for one (or all) of these services without joining our membership program.  Your visit will be focused on the desired service and you pay an a la carte price per visit.  Check out our Specialty Service pages to see price details.

DPC is included in the Affordable Care Act and is considered compliant when paired with a self-insured plan, high deductible plan, catastrophic plan, or wrap-around plan. Personal MD is not an insurance company, but we are well educated on this topic and are happy to answer any questions you have.

The monthly membership fee guarantees you have full access to your primary care provider and don’t have to deal with the everyday issues found in most doctors’ offices. For example, we provide same-day or next-day appointments, extended appointments to cover as many questions as needed per visit, and access to the steep discounts offered by the Personal MD Health Network.

No. Personal MD is a group of local private doctors and health care providers committed to caring for your health care needs.  We have also partnered with other medical facilities and doctors in our area to help care for our patients.  For example, we work directly with optometrists, podiatrists, dentists, laboratories, radiology services, and special pharmacies to help keep your medical cost down.  We are proud to say that our group of providers can handle over 94% of most patients’ health care needs.

Personal MD accepts individuals, couples, and is one of the few membership clinics to accept children.  A child is any person living at the same address who is 25 years old or younger.

Personal MD is happy to take care of companies with up to five hundred employees.  Companies with over fifty employees are charged a flat fee, and in some cases, we offer on-site healthcare clinics. For a quote for your company, please call 214-726-0755.

Yes. Members can be removed using our add/remove member form.  Your new balance will be reflected on the following billing cycle.

Helping manage your medical dollars is what we do best.  We openly discuss the true costs of every test, medication, and service with you before placing an order.  Although the monthly membership fee is not a covered expense, most other fees generated by the office can be applied to your deductible.

This is a common question.  In short, Medicare patients are welcome at Personal MD, but the monthly membership feel is not covered.  Our physicians have opted out of Medicare, so any outside services such as lab, x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, specialist visits, and hospital care can all be filed directly through your Medicare plan just like any other doctor’s office.  With more convenient access to appointments, shorter wait times, 30-minute appointments, and more face-to-face time with your doctor, our office helps minimize the common issues in a traditional medical office.  For specific questions, please feel free to call our office at 214-726-0755.

 Absolutely! Personal MD is a full-service primary care medical office that works in conjunction with traditional health plans. Although Personal MD does not accept commercial insurance plans for membership payment, any fees generated as a result of a patient visit can be filed directly with your healthcare plan or may be eligible to be paid through the out-of-network provisions of your benefits plan. Also, if tests are needed, such as lab or X-ray services, the insurance company will be billed directly by the provider that performs these services. Finally, any medications we prescribe will be covered under the provisions of your insurance plan as well.

Personal MD provides services beyond the scope of most doctors’ offices. Members are guaranteed more convenient access to appointments, round-the-clock direct access to their doctor via phone and e-mail, and 30-minute consultations rather than the typical rushed office visit.  Also, the more costly medical expenses such as lab, x-rays, medications, and specialist visits are still paid by your insurance company, just like any other doctor’s office.

Although a few insurance companies are starting to cover membership fees, most insurance companies still don’t. We recommend you contact your insurance plan or HR director to learn more about your plan’s benefits.

We do encourage our patients to get the COVID vaccine.  However, we do not require a person to be vaccinated to be our patient.

If you still have questions, we will do our best to give you an answer.  You can call our office, text our main line, or send us an email.

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